Global Climate Change Situation Room launched

December 2009

Global Climate Change Situation Room launched. A major new initiative of the Millennium Project is to create a collective intelligence for the Global Climate Change Situation Room in Gimcheon, South Korea initiated by the Millennium Project Node in South Korea. It will be available to the public via the Internet. For more information, see the Fact Sheet - and invitation to experts to participate in the collective intelligence system of the Global Climate Change Situation Room -

2009 Tech Awards webcast

November 2009

2009 Tech Awards webcast. As you may know, The Millennium Project helped inspire the creation of the Tech Awards and encourages people around the world to nominate innovators. If you were ever curious to see the ceremony, you can see it live this year. It will be webcast live on Thursday night, November 19th 2009 at: There’s a simple welcome page at this site now, but it will come to life starting at 7:00 p.m. US Pacific Standard Time on Thursday the 19th. The emcee of the Gala will be Becky Quick, co-host of the CNBC program “Squawk Box”. Highlights will include videos of and introductions to all 15 of this year’s Laureates, interviews with two former Laureates who will give us an update on their work in India and Brazil, and a presentation by Global Humanitarian Award recipient, Al Gore.

A Western Cape launch of the 2009 State of the Future report

November 2009

A Western Cape launch of the 2009 State of the Future report is being held at a cocktail gathering on Thursday 12 November 2009 from 17:30 – 18:30 at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. The event is co-sponsored by the SA Node and the Institute for Futures Research, with support from the Lord Charles Hotel. The invitation includes recorded messages from MP Director and SA Node Chair.

An announcement will follow regarding a Gauteng region launch of the Report.

Foresight for Smart Globalization: Accelerating & Enhancing Pro-Poor Development Opportunities report released

October 2009

Foresight for Smart Globalization: Accelerating & Enhancing Pro-Poor Development Opportunities report released. This report advocates “pro-poor foresight” which challenges the futures/foresight community to build into foresight analysis consideration of the impacts of policies on the poor as well as the opportunities for eliminating poverty. The report argues that: Foresight, as generally applied within government, industry, and the non-governmental sector, rarely includes an explicit focus on poverty. While foresight exercises typically take into account the impact of long-term political, economic, social, and technological trends, the differential implications of these factors for the lives of the poor tend not to be addressed. The poor, however, will be disproportionately affected by the myriad and intractable problems of the 21st century, including climate change disasters, weak governance systems, financial crises, security threats, and societal disruptions.

The report is a synthesis of findings and discussions from an international panel of experts that was convened by the Rockefeller Foundation (and facilitated by the Institute for Alternative Futures) in May in Bellagio, Italy to discuss this topic. Two directors from the SA Node participated in the panel. The SA Node’s initiative is a spin-off of this landmark initiative.

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