Breaking the Mould book launch

November 2007

The book Breaking the Mould: The Role of Scenarios in Shaping South Africa's Future is the product of the SA Node's Scenario Learning Project. The book, authored by Prof Nick Segal, was launched at our Futures Conference this month and was distributed to all conference delegates.

State of the Future 2007 report of the Millennium Project released

August 2007

State of the Future 2007 report of the Millennium Project released. "The 2007 State of the Future report offers well-researched evidence of global trends and challenges that are shaping the agenda of the United Nations" - Hans Blix, President, WFUNA, and Former Director-General, IAEA. UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon recognizes that the report "is an informative publication that gives invaluable insights into the future for the United Nations, it Member States, and civil society". As always, the report will be made available in South Africa via the SA Node from September. An email broadcast will be sent around to announce the local release - drop us an email if you would like to reserve your copy. Participants in the MP Delphi Survey will also be alerted regarding their complementary copies.

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