Futures Research Methods Version 3.0 CD released

June 2009

Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0 is a handbook with the largest, most comprehensive collection of internationally peer-reviewed methods and tools to explore future possibilities ever assembled in one resource. The CD-ROM contains 39 chapters totaling about 1,300 pages. The SA Node participated in the peer review of the CD.

Click here for more information. The CD is available locally from the SA Node.

South Africa Dinokeng Scenarios released

May 2009

South Africa Dinokeng Scenarios released. This is a local initiative where a group of 35 South Africans gathered together to probe our country’s present, and to consider possible futures. The purpose was to engage citizen-leaders from all corners of South Africa in a discussion about our future:

“To create a space and language for open, reflective and reasoned strategic conversation among South Africans, about possible futures for the country, and the opportunities, risks and choices these futures present.”

State of the Future - The Video released

January 2009

State of the Future - The Video released. This 30 minutes video is a comprehensive visual introduction to the 15 challenges discussed by the Millennium Project.

A short (2 minute) video versions of each of the 15 Global Challenges is also available on YouTube.

The 15 Global Challenges updated annually continue to be the best introduction by far to the key issues of the early 21st century. - Michael Marien, editor, Future Survey

Invitation to participate in a real-time Delphi study

June 2008

On behalf of the HSRC and the Millennium Project, we have the honour of inviting you to participate in a real-time Delphi study to choose variables that should compose a first South Africa State of the Future Index (SA-SOFI). An invitation and details are attached here. You will be going to www.realtimedelphi.org to complete the online questionnaire. The final submission deadline has been extended to 06 June 2008!

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