2013-14 State of the Future Infographic

2013-14 State of the Future Infographic

What are the Prospects for Humanity? Could be Great, Provided the Main Global Challenges Are Addressed, Shows the "2013-14 State of the Future" by The Millennium Project

The “State of the Future” is a comprehensive overview of the present situation and prospects for humanity, integrating forecasts, trends, and judgments of thought leaders and scholars from around the world sharing important future possibilities to improve strategies today.

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Future Day March 1st 2014





Worldwide 24-Hour Discussion to Celebrate World Future Day March 1st to be Hosted Online by The Millennium Project

Five international futurist organizations have joined forces to invite their members and the public to come online at 12 noon in their time zone to explore how they can help build a better future.

This will be a 24-hour conversation moving across the world with people entering and leaving the conversation whenever they want. The five international futurist organizations will provide facilitators for each of the 24 time zones as possible. In addition to The Millennium Project, they are the World Future Society, World Futures Studies Federation, Association of Professional Futurists, and Humanity+.

Global Futures Intelligence System

The Millennium Project’s Global Futures Intelligence System

The GFIS is now available for those who want to keep track of global change, gain insights into future possibilities, and help shape tomorrow.

The Millennium Project is integrating all of its information, groups, and software into a "Global Futures Intelligence System." GFIS* is The Millennium Project’s new way for you to participate with and have access to all of our resources in one place. Those who buy a one-year subscription can interact with all the elements of the system, make suggestions, initiate discussions with experts around the world, and search through over 10,000 pages of futures research and 1,300 pages of methods. The text has built-in Google translation with 52 languages. MP Node chairs and content reviewers will have free access.


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