Monthly Environmental Security updates

January 2006

View monthly Environmental Security updates. Monthly updates from an ongoing scan of environmental security issues can be viewed at Emerging Environmental Security Issues web site. The purpose of this MP project is to assess worldwide environmental-related issues in order to identify and analyze events that might trigger future international environmental treaties, conventions, or protocols and/or modifications to the existing ones. Items date back to August 2002.

Participate in the 2020 Global Energy Delphi

December 2005

Participate in the 2020 Global Energy Delphi. The deadline is 11 January 2006, and all respondents will receive complementary copies of the 2006 State of the Future report in which the energy Study results will be published.

The South African Scenarios Study: Two Decades of Learning

November 2005

Following from an earlier initiative to identify futures initiatives undertaken in southern Africa, the SA Node in collaboration with African Futures Institute is undertaking a new project to analyse the content and impact of those scenarios. A project proposal has been developed to support the raising of required funds.

Discussion with Mr. Goolam Aboobaker, The Presidency

October 2005

On Friday, 28-Oct-05 (10h00 – 12h00), The South Africa Node of the Millennium Project is hosting a discussion with Mr. Goolam Aboobaker, Deputy-Director General: Policy Co-ordination and Advisory Services in The Presidency, on how Government scenarios and futures study influence policy and government. The event details are attached here, and click here for a brief biography of Mr. Aboobaker. RSVPs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requested.

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