Futures Conference 2007 to progress as a MP initiative

February 2007

Futures Conference 2007 to progress as a MP initiative. Following a mutual decision between the SA Node and WFSF not to proceed with hosting the WFSF in South Africa this year as planned, the conference will proceed as an international event hosted by the SA Node. Find more details at the Conference Webpage.

2006 State of the Future Report now for sale

September 2006

Copies of the 2006 State of the Future Report are now available from the SA Node! Get them locally from the SA Node faster and cheaper than the recommended retail price using this ORDER FORM. Complimentary copies are being mailed to the respondents to the Global Energy Delphi study. Please contact the node if you have not received notification about your complimentary copy.

2006 State of the Future Report launced

August 2006

"…The capabilities of civilization to build a better future are rich but terribly inefficient. Improving efficiency requires seeing the status of the whole and its parts as objectively as possible... Yet it is a fact that the world is becoming more peaceful, prosperous, and healthy." This and much much more in the 2006 State of the Future Report which was just released. For more information, see the Press release, Executive Summary, and Website. Copies of the much anticipated report will be available from the SA Node.

Updates and improvements to the 15 Global Challenges

August 2006

The 2006 updates and improvements to the short versions of the 15 Global Challenges are now available online.

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