Foresight for Smart Globalization: Accelerating & Enhancing Pro-Poor Development Opportunities report released

October 2009

Foresight for Smart Globalization: Accelerating & Enhancing Pro-Poor Development Opportunities report released. This report advocates “pro-poor foresight” which challenges the futures/foresight community to build into foresight analysis consideration of the impacts of policies on the poor as well as the opportunities for eliminating poverty. The report argues that: Foresight, as generally applied within government, industry, and the non-governmental sector, rarely includes an explicit focus on poverty. While foresight exercises typically take into account the impact of long-term political, economic, social, and technological trends, the differential implications of these factors for the lives of the poor tend not to be addressed. The poor, however, will be disproportionately affected by the myriad and intractable problems of the 21st century, including climate change disasters, weak governance systems, financial crises, security threats, and societal disruptions.

The report is a synthesis of findings and discussions from an international panel of experts that was convened by the Rockefeller Foundation (and facilitated by the Institute for Alternative Futures) in May in Bellagio, Italy to discuss this topic. Two directors from the SA Node participated in the panel. The SA Node’s initiative is a spin-off of this landmark initiative.

Global Millennium Prize Competition South Africa launched

August 2009

Global Millennium Prize Competition South Africa launched. This pilot of the global GMP competition is being undertaken by the SA Node with the support of the Cooperation Framework on Innovation Systems between Finland and South (COFISA) which is sponsoring the pilot. The competition is being held in South Africa’s Free State province with Grade 10 learners in 10 selected schools in the Kroonstad area. Local winners will be entered into the international competition possibly winning an expense-paid trip to participate in the international GMP winners’ ceremony in Mexico City in May 2010.

If successful, the Node intends to seek ways to roll out the GMP as an annual competition for SA schools. Support is invited towards this.

2009 State of the Future Report released

August 2009

2009 State of the Future report released to the usual acclaim. State of the Future report 2009 presents an in-depth analysis that underlines the need of national policies with great global impact.- Alonso Lujambio, Minister of Education, Mexico; The 2009 State of the Future report updates humanity’s thinking about the future and includes insights and collective intelligence that policymakers and business leaders can use to inform their decisionmaking to create a sustainable and better future.- Michael Stoneking, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Click here for more information. The report is available locally from the SA Node.

SA Node at 2009 MP-PC and WFS

July 2009

SA Node at 2009 MP-PC and WFS. SA Node chairperson (Geci Karuri-Sebina) and director (Tanja Hichert) participated and presented in Millennium Project Planning Committee meeting in Chicago. The SA Node also sat on the World Future Society Conference‘s International Panel on “Futurists Views from Around the World”

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