The Global Millennium Prize Project

An annual international schools' contest created to stimulate futures prospective awareness among youth and teachers around the world to imagine new alternativesfor addressing the 15 Global Challenges outlined by the Millennium Project; and hence, help achieve the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals

Southern Africa Searchlight (Horizon Scanning) Project

The SA Node Horizon Scanning project (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation) aims to identify early signals that could have long-term implications for poor and vulnerable communities, and present a diversity of opinions and perspectives across a range of topics (poverty, development, donor issues, social, economic, political, environmental, science, technology and innovation).

SA-SOFI - 2010 - DBSA Development Report

The SA Node has been commissioned by the DBSA to undertake a foresight process based on its South Africa State of the Future Index (SA-SOFI) pilot towards the compilation of the DBSA Development Report 2010. This project is planned for the period August – December 2010.

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