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Innovation Bridge / Science Forum South Africa

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4-6 December 2019, CSIR ICC Department: Science and Technology

On the 06 December 2019 the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project (SA Node) will be taking part in a session under the theme “Ethics, innovation for job creation and the conundrum of 4IR, discussing FUTURE WORK/TECH SCENARIOS 2050: Sense-making, Preparedness and Alternative Futures in Southern Africa.

The session will offer up, for generative dialogue with participants, a presentation and panel discussion based on the global “Future Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions” report. The input will offer perspectives from futurists and experts from different stakeholder groups (business, labour, communities, academic), and invite a conversation about how Southern Africa should be thinking and acting in relation to the cues and possible futures related to the future of work and technological change.

The leading questions framing the conversation will be:
1) Do we share an understanding of our current conjuncture (ecological, technological and social)
2) What is the state of readiness (competency-wise) with respect to new industrial technologies and impending changes?
3) Is it possible to co-create alternatives for an inclusive and sustainable way forward?

Report Background: In December 2018, the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project (SA Node) hosted a national workshop entitled “Global Work/Tech Scenarios 2050” where 80 people convened at The Innovation Hub to shared their insights and foresights about the role of technology and its impacts on the future of work in South and Southern Africa by 2050. In August 2019, the Global Millennium Project has now released the “Future Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions” – a report on the overall three-year international study that produced three detailed scenarios, conducted 30 national workshops in 29 countries, identified hundreds of actions distilled to 93 that were assessed by hundreds of futurists and related experts in over 50 countries around the world.

Download the session brief
Download the Future Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions executive summery
Download the South Africa Future of Work workshop report and South Africa workshop feedback

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