Launch of the State of the Future Report 2012

October 2012

Launch of the State of the Future Report 2012

What do we need to know to build a better future? Are we going to be around 50 years from now? What can we do to live as part of a planet and in harmony in the future instead of destroying it and what do we need to know to achieve that? The SA Node of the Millennium Project releases the 2012 State of the Future report – the annual “Report Card on the World.”

Pretoria, October 22, 2012 Whether we ask questions about our own future or that of humanity or are concerned with decisions that will affect the country or large groups of people, we live in a time of great uncertainty and the answers to such questions are not easily found.

“The world is improving better than most pessimists know, but future dangers are worse than most optimists indicate.” - The 2012 State of the Future Report

This year’s 16th edition of 2012 State of the Future Report was launched in association with the Wits Graduate School of Public and Development Management (P&DM) on 29 August 2012 in Johannesburg and was attended by a large number of business people, academics, and others who have an interest in foresight, futures or scenario planning. It generated an estimated PR value of close to a million Rand for Wits and the SA Node and some of the news coverage can be found here.

The 2012 Report verifies that the world is getting richer, healthier, better educated, more peaceful, and better connected; yet, half the world is potentially unstable. People all around the world protest unethical and selfish decisionmaking by power elites as demonstrated in North Africa and the Middle East. An increasingly educated and Internet-connected generation is rising up against the abuse of power. World food production is under threat, water supplies are dwindling, corruption and organized crime are rising, environmental viability for our life support is diminishing, debt and economic insecurity are increasing, climate change continues, and the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen dangerously.

“When you consider the many wrong decisions and good decisions not taken—day after day and year after year around the world—it is amazing that we are still making as much progress as we are.” - Jerome C. Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project

There is no question that the world can be far better than it is, IF we make the right decisions.

The State of the Future sets a context and framework for better decisions and an overview of our global situation, problems, solutions, and prospects for the future. “15 Global Challenges” including energy, food, science and technology, ethics, development, water, organized crime, health, decisionmaking, gender relations, demographics, and war and peace are analyzed, studied, and recommendations are made.

This edition comes as an Executive Edition of 145 pages (on CD, print-on-demand book or Kindle) plus a 10,000 page electronic supplement (on CD) with more than 1,500 additional pages detailing the global situation with a range of strategies, analyses, and regional considerations. It includes 11 years of research and analysis for developing a State of the Future Index; global and regional scenarios; governance-related studies; concepts for building collective intelligence systems; environmental security studies; over 850 annotated scenarios; and various approaches for improving futures research, making it an extraordinary resource and data base for exploring the prospects for humanity. It is also available as a download or on flash drive. A one-year subscription to access ongoing updates in the Global Futures Collective Intelligence System is also available. It can be ordered from our online store here.

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